Ahhhhhh, that wonderful time of the year; the half way mark of the year…… MIDTERMS!!! Week after week it’s study study STUDY!!! But the amazing feeling after you finish your midterms is so relaxing. All the weight gets off your shoulders and there are no more worries.


It’s difficult to find your comfort zone in college. There are so many people that you haven’t seen before or heard of. The cure for this is outreach for friendship. Seeing people you know or met can brighten your day fast. Also hanging out with them on your free time or after class is the best part. Making friends in college can increase your comfort level and apply you to have fun. After all the more people you know, the better life gets.

Does College still matter?

Does College Still Matter?

We only live one life, each of us developing in unique situations. Yet, everyone is given an opportunity to grow. Knowing that fact, what is our priority? Filling ourselves up with knowledge and understanding or becoming obsessed with the drive of fulfilling life experiences? What if we can have them both? In 2007, Liz Addison responded to Rick Perlstein’s “What is the Matter with College?” article, Where he argues that the university life matters little comparing to past times. However, Addison does not think so, she explains the lack of experience Perlstein had from a community college. She declares that a community college is an easy start of a pathway towards a successful future; therefore, community colleges are a good tool for creating ourselves, our dreams, and ambitions. Liz Addison explains her reasons why Perlstein is wrong for thinking college does not make any effect on students, or as he puts it “college campuses seem to have lost their centrality”. However, in contrast with Perlsteins statement, I agree that Addison understands the concept of what it truly means to begin from the bottom of the academic ladder through a community environment.
Perlstein’s article is permeated with very wrong ideas of what an education really means. He considers the fact that school, in its full definition, is a place where one can undergo their goals and live life spontaneously while experiencing life’s pleasures, or so it would seem. As he notices that not every one thinks alike, he realizes that everyone who is working hard on their education is postponing their “exciting moments of pleasure” for the future .Addison recognizes the consequence of Perlsteins weak self-discovering philosophy, stating “He never got over his four years in the University of Privilege, so he moved back to live in its shadow like a ballerina taking a seat in the stalls… but when the curtains went up, he saw the students working and studying…” (Addison, 2007) Mr. Perlstein put his education aside because it got in the way of what “really mattered” to him. Personal and social interactions were much more worthwhile to Perlstein than his own academic status. However, Addison highlights the idea that Perlstein missed the opportunity of obtaining a good education while creating his own personality simultaneously. He basically refused the opportunity that was facing him the whole time during his college years. In unison with Addison, I perceive that Perlstein’s priorities were out of order and conformant on the actions that people around him overtook. He was in this bandwagon of beatnik influences and concluded that creating temporary exciting memories would outweigh the most valuable and irreversible component of a good education.
A community college experience may seem dull to those who are going straight to the Universities. For one, they do not realize all the benefits that are left behind when going directly to big schools. To be blunt, community colleges do not have anything dull about them. Our society exalts the concept of entering a University straight out of high school. Nonetheless, Addison discloses my interpretation of a community college by stating, “…community college…allows its students to begin, just begin. Implicit in this belief is the understanding that anything and everything is possible” (Addison, 2007). I accredit Addison because community colleges have many marvelous benefits within. Financial stability, or working our way towards it, is one of them. Scholarship opportunities, grants, and financial aid are much more efficient when in a community college because credits, resources, materials, housing, and transportation is much less expensive. Likewise, memorable life milestones are created right there within the community. Class ratios are academically responsive to the base of each student’s educational structure. More and more events are initiated within the college to draw in the community and obtain a sense of unity that is rare when in a University of more than 10,000 students. Therefore I would agree with Addison as she declared “The community college system is America’s hidden public gem.”
Stating all these virtues of how great a community college experience is, does not mark an attempt of diminishing any university. Rather, I state the importance of a community college through Addison’s well acknowledged comprehension of its importance for a student’s academic development. I believe it is a counterpart before putting oneself out in the real world. “For some students, from many backgrounds, would never breath the college experience if it were not for a community college” (Addison, 2007) Addison makes a great argument that neutralizes everything in Mr. Perlsteins article. Going head first into a University is not in itself bad, it just restricts the chance to flourish and obtain a better way of defining oneself. Mr. Perlstein missed the opportunity of experiencing what a community college has to offer. “It is here were Mr. Perlstein will find his college years of self-discovery, and it is here where he will find that college does still matter” (Addison, 2007). The mistake of thinking individuals can find their selves through major life experience’s is a mistake that just wastes time; hence, Perlstein will realize that starting from the bottom of the academic latter is where one individual is created not found.

A fresh start to fall -Draft

F- Fun

A- Ambitious

L- Loyal

L- Love

FALL is not only my favorite season but it brings the best of me. Is it really possible for a season to create a tremendous impact on a person? Well it does! Ever since the fall season officially started, by going off the calender, I have felt such peace and ease. I wake up every morning with a shivering feeling and it is the enjoyable one. I enjoy going outside and being able to go on my usual runs and not having to fight the sun or even having to limit myself to how long I should run. That for me is something that makes me very happy.

FUN for me is something that we should all be able to experience, but how does that relate to fall? It relates to fall in so many ways, or at least in my perspective. The fact that you can do so many things because the weather is amazing. It is not too cold or not too hot, it is just PERFECT and FABOLOUS! As an athlete, you will not dread those morning or afternoon practices because you will be enjoyingthem.

AMBITION brings alot to me during the fall. The fact that it is my birthday month and everything is just beautiful, I feel an ambition to strive for the best.

LOYAL is the component of compassion. The fact that you are loyal to somebody and to your self, it brings out the best of that person. All of this is created due to the fact that the fall brings out so much.

LOVE is something that should be done unconditionally. Loving someone, loving what you do, and loving every second of your life is what love really is.

THE FALL is a month to enjoy and admire.

This is Halloween.


It’s that time of year again. People are getting ready for the holidays, starting with Halloween.  There is a hidden treasure in the counties of Yuma that will scare up your Halloween. It’s the Yuma Nightmares haunted House. It’s seriously the most horrifying haunted house I’ve ever been in. It has all of the Horror Characters as well as a Clown Room. Yes, a Clown Room. A room dedicated to test the limits of your greatest phobia. It’s an amazingly haunting experience and I recommend everyone to go. The proceeds go to the Yuma Habitat for Humanity “because the only thing scarier than a haunted house is not having a house at all”. The Haunted House is located at 15485 S Avenue 4-e.

For more information to go http://yumanightmares.com/index.html

25 Things to Do for the Holidays

25 Days of Christmas (Bucket List)

1. Decorate a Christmas tree

  1. 2. Make Hot Cocoa
  2. 3. Make Paper Snowflakes
  3. 4. Drive around looking for Christmas lights
  4. 5. Sit on Santa’s knee (one last time)
  5. 6. Write a note to a loved one and hide it in their stocking
  6. 7. Donate a toy for a tot
  7. 8. Listen to Vince Gill’s “Let There Be Peace on Earth”
  8. 9. Make a bubble Santa beard in the shower
  9. 10. Read the Polar Express

11. Make something sweet and homemade

12. Celebrate a December birthday

13. Wrap presents

14. Watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

15. Go on a romantic Christmas-y date with someone special

16. Give a gift to someone who didn’t expect one

17. Wear fuzzy socks

18. Enjoy milk and cookies

19. Play a board game with the whole family

20. Do something crafty

21. Send someone far away a Christmas card

22. Attend at least one holiday party

23. Go ice-skating

24. Watch “Jesus is Born” at Champion Church

25. Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus

Comics and books, a dying hobby

Comic and books are some things that have lost great popularity. Movies are always being made from these things. That is where the inspiration comes from. I just want to raise awareness that books and comics are not obsolete, and we should keep them around for kids and adults.

‘Life of Pi’ Review

What is it?
“Life of Pi” is about an Indian man telling a tall tale of his mission of survival out in the sea. It starts from his life in school, his changes through religion as a young boy, and the trip to America. He went on a Chinese boat with his family, and it sank during a huge rain storm. He develops a relationship with a lion who was in the Chinese boat who managed to swim to the life boat. He managed to find a boat and that is where the story really begins.

I thought it was a great movie! It was imaginative, original, and had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end! It had great character development, even for the animals. This was a great movie, and it is good for all ages and all occasions.

Full-Time Students with Jobs

The community college setting, especially at Arizona Western College, not only challenging but very accommodating to the full-time student with a job or that has other obligations. As a non-traditional student, I have learned a few tricks of the trade to make your life easier if going to school is not your only job. Here are 3 tips to keep it all together and have a healthy semester:
Be Mega-Focused: Live in the present. If you are in class, be in class mentally, psycologically, and of course, physically. Take notes and participate in class. Take time to ponder the topics discussed in classWhen studying, do not text with friends and study but do whatever it takes to help you focus on the task at hand (have your pencil sharpened, wear comfortable shoes, put buds in your ears to avoid distractions, turn your cell phone off). The same applies when at home with your family, be present. Don’t try to study at home unless you are positive everyone else is doing something else. Instead, spend time with your spouse or children by watching a movie or going out to eat and do not check school email at home because you may get caught up doing something for school when your loved ones were expecting quality time. All in all, whatever task you are doing, or wherever you are, be there and fully present by preparing a head of time for the moment so you can live in that moment.
Use a Planner/Be Organized: Because you essentially have to be 2 people for a semester (a student and an employee), prepare to use a backpack, your car, and a planner to their fullest extent. The night before, plan your day and put in your car the extra sweater you may need for that class that has the AC turned up too high or put a travel toothbrush and brush in your backpack in case you don’t have time to come home to prepare for your PowerPoint presentation. The syllabi in your classes will be your best friend, take the time to write in a planner all the important events and due dates at the beginning of the semester so on a weekly basis, you know how to prepare for week. The power is really in your hands. As a working student, time is NOT on your side, you have to always be a step ahead to beat it so it won’t beat you. You will feel so empowered as a student when you get things done that even students without jobs were unable to do.
Be honest: You cannot say Yes to everything. As a working student, you will have get very comfortable saying NO, actually. But there is a way to say No, especially when it comes to saying it to someone you care about or it is a bridge you do not want to burn. For example, if a professor has a supplemental study group at their home and you feel pretty confident in the material, say No, so you can spend that time with your family instead or to study for another class that you’re not doing so well in or to get your hair done for yourself! But be sure to let them know that you’ll come to the next session and put the next session in your calendar right then when you’re saying it, so you don’t forget. If your spouse wants to go to the movies over the weekend but you have a paper that is due Monday, say NO. But assure him/her that going to school is only temporary (a semester is only 3 months) and you can have a movie day for a week once you’ve completed the semester or go get the tickets for next weekend…and put it in your calendar, right then. If co-workers, want to hang out after work and you haven’t slept a full night in 3 days, say NO. Instead, have them send you play-by-play pics throughout the night about how it went (turn off your phone, of course) and when you wake in the morning, check them out and give them feedback so they know you care. Don’t forget to text, “Next time, I’m gonna be sitting next to that fountain!” See? Saying No is only temporary. You’re in school for a reason. You have to make sacrifices and communicating that your friends and loved ones is essential. But you don’t have to be stressed just to get through it all.

Have a great 2013!

Christmas Lyrics

It’s time to put an end to just humming Christmas songs!  We hear them everywhere this time of year.  But how many of you actually know the words to these snazzy tunes?

One song, in particular, that we all act like we know the words to is, “The Holiday Season (Happy Holidays).  So, here are the words (sing along to the tune!):

Lyrics to The Holiday Season (Happy Holiday) :

Happy Holiday
Happy Holiday
While the merry bells keep ringing
May your every wish come true

Happy Holiday
Happy Holiday
May the calendar keep bringing
Happy Holidays to you

It’s the holiday season
And Santa Claus is coming back
The Christmas snow is white on the ground
When old Santa gets into town
He’ll be coming down the chimney, down
Coming down the chimney, down

It’s the holiday season
And Santa Claus has got a toy
For every good girl and good little boy
He’s a great big bundle of joy
He’ll be coming down the chimney, down
Coming down the chimney, down

He’ll have a big fat pack upon his back
And lots of goodies for you and me
So leave a peppermint stick for old St. Nick
Hanging on the Christmas tree

It’s the holiday season
With the whoop-de-do and hickory dock
And don’t forget to hang up your sock
“Cause just exactly at 12 o’clock
He’ll be coming down the chimney
Coming down the chimney
Coming down the chimney, down!

(various repeats…)

courtesy of : www.lyricsmania.com

Andy Williams Happy Holidays/Holiday Season

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